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Latest date to register as a competitor : February 16, 2020

FISM North American Championship of Magic 2020 combined  with the Canadian Championship of Magic 2020

During the FISM North American Convention (held in conjunction with the Club de Magie de Québec and the Canadian Association of Magicians) in Québec City, May 6-10, 2020 there will be a double magic championship. The combination of the Canadian Championship of Magic 2020 along with the FISM North American Championship of Magic 2020 will offer the greatest magic competition ever held in Canada.


A potential of fifteen (15) North American competitors will have the opportunity to advance to the FISM World Championship of Magic 2021 also held in Québec City. Also, the North American magicians with the highest marks will be crowned 2020 North American Champions in each of stage and close-up events. 


In addition, contestants who are members of the CAM will have the opportunity to compete for the Canadian championship award. No age category will be open for this competition.


The information contained in this document must be carefully read and understood by all those wishing to compete. You will need to confirm when registering by clicking on a specific field.


Selection of Competitors

The number of contestants allowed to compete is limited to a maximum of 25 stage contestants and 25 close-up contestants.


All contestants must be registered to the convention in order to be eligible to compete.  It is highly recommended that you register as soon as possible. 


You also need to registered, as a competitor, by February 16, 2020 at 10:00 PM EST in order to be considered.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  You also must submit your video. These submissions must be made via a link (YouTube and Vimeo only) 

Contestants will be selected by a panel of qualified judges prior to the convention on the basis of video submissions. 

Your video submission act will be viewed only by a selection of judges to review and everyone will be told the results by March 1, 2020.


The video links submitted must remain active through June 2020. They can be unlisted and will not be made public.  They cannot be private or password protected.  An unlisted YouTube video is preferred.  


The act that is submitted must be the same as the one you will compete with in May for the competition. 


In order to qualify for one of the 15 available North American slots and advance to the 2021 FISM World Championship of Magic, a final score of 70 points must be obtained. Any contestant under that score will not be considered as one of the 15 finalists. There are nine (9) slots available for the FISM stage competition and six (6) slots available for the FISM close-up competition.

Assignment of the 15 North American FISM slots


Any contestants who is a member of one of the 5 North American organizations (CMQ, CAM, I.B.M., SAM, or AMA) and who has been given a qualifying score of 70 points or higher, and has either a North American passport or a permanent resident card will be eligible to be sponsored to compete at FISM 2021. If there are more than 15 qualified North American contestants, the 15 with the highest scores will be sponsored. If there are less than 15 candidates with a qualifying score, the remaining places will be returned to the FISM pool to be awarded by FISM at a later time to contestants outside of North America. 


FISM 2020 North American Champions 


The North Americans with the highest qualifying score (i.e. 70 points or over) in each of stage and close-up event will be named the FISM 2020 North American Champion of Stage Magic and the FISM 2020 North American Champion of Close-up magic. 


Canadian Championship of magic 2020, FISM North American Championship of magic 2020 and People’s Choice


Six (6) contestants in each of stage and close-up event with the overall highest marks during the preliminary competition will compete for the Canadian Championship of Magic  2020 titles and the FISM North American Championship of Magic 2020 titles and the People’s Choice Awards.  During the final competition, the People’s Choice Awards for Stage and Close-up will be decided by a public vote. 


In addition, performing contracts to work at conventions around the world may be offered to these contestants.


It is possible that one person could win more than one of the top awards.


Synopsis of FISM North American Championship 2020 Awards


First Place Stage : Trophy plus registration for FISM 2021  (Excluding the competition fee)

First Close-up : Trophy plus registration for FISM 2021  (Excluding the competition fee)


Synopsis of Canadian Magic Championship 2020


First Place Stage : trophy plus $500.00

First Place Close-up : trophy plus $500.00

People’s Choice FISM NACM Awards


The recipient of the People’s Choice Award in both stage and close-up will be awarded a $1,000.00 cash prize. 

Important Rules and Restrictions 


All contestants must be registered for the 2020 convention prior to entering the competition.


In order to be eligible to enter the Canadian Magic Championship contest, you must be a current member of CAM and have a Canadian nationality.

In order to enter the FISM North American championships 2020, you must be an active member of a North American FISM recognized organization when submitting your registration and video link. (AMA, CAM, CMQ, I.B.M, or SAM). 


There is a cost of $50.00 USD to enter the contest and it is non-refundable.

12 finalists will compete for the Combined Convention People’s Choice Award.

Please bring an 8x10-inch color photograph to display on the People’s Choice ballot box. 


Contestants will be given a 2-minute setup time and a 2-minute break-down time. There will be qualified people to help contestants with this.


Pyrotechnics of any other sort are strictly forbidden including flash paper, flash string and candles.  Rules and regulations of the Quebec Fire Marshall will be strictly enforced by the latter.


Glitter and confetti are NOT permitted by the theatre, as they tend to get into the ventilation system and cause problems.


If you plan to drop anything on the floor (e.g. cards) you may do so ONLY if you supply your own drop cloth. (This is a cloth that covers the floor area on which material would drop.) If you do not bring a drop cloth and plan to drop something on the floor, you will not compete, or else be disqualified if you do. No exceptions.


Abide by FISM rules:


A contestant must present a complete act (not a single trick) of at least five minutes and not more than ten minutes. Remember to consider audience reaction when timing your act. 


A contestant who presents an act that is obviously a copy of another act, or a significant or typical part of another performance will not be allowed to compete.


The timing of an act begins when the contestant enters the stage or when the music of the act starts, whichever comes first. The clock will stop when the magic stops, the music stops or the magician stops talking, whichever comes last. 


The contestant’s undertaking includes the right to perform the act in question and encompasses the contestant having secured all ancillary rights and licenses, be they of musical or other origin, from all legally required third parties, if applicable.


There will be two lights on stage: one yellow and one red one. After nine minutes of a performance, the yellow light will be held up. After the tenth minute, the red light will be held up, showing the contestant that he or she is over time and therefore disqualified. 


Judges will mark each act with regard to the following criteria:


Technical Skill/Handling


Entertainment Value

Artistic Impression/Routine


Magic Atmosphere

Questions for contest participants

Québec Convention Centre

Main entry

1000, boul. René-Lévesque Est

Québec (Québec) G1R 5T8